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What can be accomplished with a sleep consultation?

  • Establish a routine to promote healthy sleep behaviors
  • Understand normal sleep/awake windows and sleep behavior based on baby’s developmental stages
  • Learn to teach self-soothing techniques
  • Address sleep regressions and age transition-related disruptions
  • Understand how to identify (and what to do) about an overtired baby
  • Define daytime nap routine and impact on nighttime sleep

Why Wellnested?

We make it simple and fast to find the right sleep training expert who can help you sort through the “noise” of various methods, and determine an approach that works for you.

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How it works



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Fill out the form below or give us a call. You will speak with a specialist at WellNested who will listen to your needs and help you find the right sleep consultant for you.



Book a Consult

Your sleep consultant will meet with you via secure voice call in order to learn about your specific sleep situation and work with you to develop a plan.



Implement plan

After your visit, you’ll receive a customized sleep plan outlining an approach to help develop baby’s age appropriate sleep habits, set a routine and/or achieve your sleep goals


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Follow up

With each consult, supportive follow up is included to ensure you feel confident in leveraging your new knowledge

50min - 1 hour consults range from $150-225 per session depending on complexity


It never occurred to me that while sleep may be natural, falling asleep is a skill. After MONTHS of struggling, my WellNested Sleep Consultant helped us understand that our daughter's bedtime was actually too early. Which is something we never would have guessed or understood just by reading baby sleep tips online. It's not an exaggeration to say it was life-changing for all of us.


Dedham MA, March 2020

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