Our Safety Standards


Our “reason for being” is to support the health and happiness of your entire family - including bigs and littles. With that in mind, we are taking measures to ensure that you feel confident welcoming our providers into your home.

These safety standards were developed based on guidance from MA Health & Human Services Dept.

Safety precautions our providers will be taking:

  • Wearing a mask through the duration of the visit
  • Washing hands upon entry to the home with soap and water for 20s or using hand sanitizer if the former is not available
  • Wearing gloves when in contact with baby, mother or others during visit
  • Sanitizing all equipment before and after each use, including infant scales, stethoscopes, etc.
  • Self-quarantining for a period of 14 days if provider has:
    • Been outside the country
    • Displayed any of the symptoms that may be indicative of COVID19 diagnoses
    • Recently were exposed to any person expressing symptoms or who has been positively diagnosed
  • Social distancing (at a space of 6 ft) when possible to do so throughout the visit

Safety precautions that we ask of our families:

  • Accurately answer all screening questions prior to booking a visit, and alert us promptly if the health of yourself, your baby or anyone in your vicinity has been potentially compromises
  • Provide soap, water and paper towels for providers to wash their hands upon entry into your home
  • Wear a mask (if you’re an adult). If you don’t have one, the provider will supply you with one
  • Alert WellNested if anyone in your family has been diagnosed with COVID19 or has been compromised in any way after the visit so information can be escalated appropriately

Wherever possible, we will recommend virtual visits when there is reason to believe the family’s goals can be accomplished reasonably with such a visit.

We will do absolutely everything possible to fulfill our commitment to care for you and your family in this delicate time, with an eye to doing so in the safest way possible - for everyone involved!

Stay healthy!