Sarah G.

Trained Postpartum Doula* , Certified Lactation Counselor

1.5 years of experience | 8 families served

Lives in Ipswich, MA


$35 per hour (3 hour min per visit)


Daytime care: All day Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday
Evenings care: Monday evenings (after 6pm)

Now accepting clients for March & April

Experience & Education

  • Trained Postpartum Doula, CAPPA (*finalizing certification by submitting documents to CAPPA)
  • Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC), 2020
  • Infant & Child CPR certified, 2019
  • Master of Arts, Communication Management, Emerson College, 2009
  • Bachelor of Arts, Communication/Political Science, University of New Hampshire, 2007
  • Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study, Middle School Education and Reading Specialist, Fitchburg State University, 2017
Professional Experience
  • Private Practice Doula, Sarah Gregory LLC, 2020-present
  • Middle School Classroom Teacher, Belmont and Revere Public Schools, 2012-20
  • Policy Assistant, The Rath Group, 2006-13
Languages Spoken
  • English
  • Areas Served

    ~ 45min drive radius from Ipswich, MA

    What can I help out with?

    Before I leave each day, my goal is for the family to have gotten some rest, eaten some food, learned something, and have a plan for the night or for my next shift.

    • Infant feeding: As a Certified Lactation Counselor, I enthusiastically help my families reach their feeding goals: from breastfed to formula fed to somewhere in between.
    • Physical & mental recovery: As a two-time cesarean mama myself, I specialize in helping mothers recovering from their own cesarean deliveries by offering tangible suggestions and coping strategies for recovery
    • Help the family rest: I can care for the baby while the birthing parent takes a nap or a shower
    • Light housework & meal prep: With the parents’ permission, I might hold the baby in a baby carrier so I can do laundry, dishes, and prepare dinner to be reheated later that night.
    • Newborn care tips & information: For example after feeding I might show the parents some tummy time tricks, teach them how to use a new type of baby carrier, help them give the baby a “spa bath,” or help them with whatever they have questions about.

    Health Precautions & Exposure

    I am fully vaccinated for Covid-19. I live with my two daughters and my husband, who works from home. I only go out when necessary (mostly to the grocery store), I always wear double masks in public, and I do not participate in any indoor social gatherings. My 2 daughters are in daycare three days a week, and the center is very communicative regarding any Covid exposure. I will pass any information along to my clients.

    When caring for families, I:

    • Get tested for Covid weekly, and am happy to share the results with my families
    • Wear a brand new mask 100% of the time
    • Am willing to share my daily temperature checks

    Introduce yourself!
    I live in Ipswich with my daughters, husband and our two cats. I have always had a passion for helping others, so becoming a postpartum doula was a natural fit. It is such an honor and a privilege to have the chance to help new families adapt to life with their new baby. I love getting to know my clients to find out how I can be there for them, from offering tips for newborn care to being a source of emotional support to troubleshooting breastfeeding issues. I combine my personal experience and instinctual compassion with a wealth of factual knowledge to help my families flourish in the postpartum period and beyond. I love reading, especially young adult fiction, a hold-over from my middle school ELA teacher days! I also enjoy hula hooping as a member of the Boston Hoop Troop, yoga, gardening, knitting, and doing arts and crafts with my daughters.

    How do you help new parents?
    My support is a balance between providing education and relief, and is individually tailored to each family. Typically, I start my shift by sitting down and chatting with my families about how everything is going. After making sure they have water and a snack, we might talk about the night before, touch upon how feeding is going, or discuss normal newborn sleep. Sometimes I will just listen; other times I might offer suggestions or troubleshoot problems. I am a impartial, non-judgmental source of information on the newborn period for my family, and I love using my teaching background to help families learn about their baby. I find out what the family needs that day in order to feel human again.

    Why did you pursue this career?
    As a new mother, I encountered so many challenges: an unplanned c-section, countless, breastfeeding struggles, and feeling desperately overwhelmed with a seemingly-never-sleeping newborn. I’m so grateful for the helpers that surrounded me during these difficult times, and it’s their support that inspired me to begin my career as a doula.


    “I feel tremendously grateful to have received support from Sarah during my postpartum recovery. In addition to preparing nourishing food, doing laundry, running errands and looking after my baby so that I could get extra rest, Sarah also helped me with breastfeeding and taught me a great deal about newborn development. She is an incredibly knowledgable, kind and gifted doula. ”

    Annie, New Mom – Postpartum Support, MA

    ““Whether it be different breast pumps, exclusive pumping, selling some items we had bought or any other topic that we needed help with, she was able to go a step beyond and help us figure things out… And above all this, she is a kind and friendly person who is very easy to work with and we completely trust our child with.”

    Mridul, New Dad – Postpartum Support, MA