Norah O.

Overnight Nanny

30 years of experience | 10 families served

Lives in Quincy, MA


$40/hour for overnights 8 hour minimum


Available Mon, Wed, Fri

Now accepting new clients for February, March, April

Experience & Education

  • Infant CPR and First Aid
  • Culinary Arts, Galway Regional College ’77-79
Professional Experience
  • 30 years experience as nanny and 14 years experience caring for newborns as a overnight nanny
  • 14 years with agencies including Baby Mavens and Blue Birds 2006-Present
  • Daytime nanny for longer term placements 1987-2005
Languages Spoken
  • English
  • Areas Served

    1 hour drive from Quincy

    What can I help out with?

    • For overnights, I make sure mom rests and tries to relax while I feed help to get the baby fed
    • I teach new parents how to swaddle and bathe the newborn
    • Make sure that baby is feeding and pooping as expected
    • Wash and sterilizing the bottles
    • If the dishwasher is loaded and on I’ll unload the dishwasher
    • Clean up the kitchen
    • Organize the nursery for example emptying the diaper pale and changing the sheets on the crib as needed
    • Baby laundry

    Health Precautions & Exposure

    I’m looking after 1 other family and they pay for me to get a COVID test every 10 days. I live with my husband who has some health conditions so we are not seeing anyone other than the families that I work with. My two teenage sons also live with us but in a separate attached self-contained unit. During visits I will wear a mask if you prefer me to wear one.

    Introduce yourself!
    I’m a professional overnight infant nanny and I absolutely love what I do. My goal is really to help new parents ease into their role and help them get as much rest as they can. I’m originally from Ireland, came to Boston with my husband in 198. I studied to become a chef and still indulge in that passion from time to time (as many of the families I look after know, I LOVE dropping off baked goods, usually Irish bread). In my spare time, I like to read romantic novels! I also love entertaining friends in summer, especially barbecuing on the grill.

    How do you help new parents?
    As soon as I get to the house I find out what mom wants to do - does she want to feed or pump? Does she want some assistance or would she prefer to rest? I can teach mom how to swaddle, make sure baby poops are all on track, check how often the baby has wet the diaper - all of that. I also make sure the family has everything that they need, organize the nursery. The most important thing for new moms is to relax so my job is to reassure mom to try to sleep!

    Why did you pursue this career?
    Not long after I came to the US, my husband and I found out that we couldn’t get pregnant. I was absolutely devastated and that’s when I decided to completely switch my career! I just started out as a daytime nanny in 1987 and ended up looking after 2 families for about 3 years, seeing their kids grow up. Luckily, my husband and I did end up being able to have kids, and I now have 2 (very tall) sons in their early twenties.


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