Meg C.

Sleep Consultant, BSN, MA

13 years of experience

Lives in Fairfield, CT


$150/ standard 50min consult
$225/ complex 75min consult
$85/ follow up, 30min


Virtual (Schedule varies)

Experience & Education

  • Masters, BioMedical Ethics, Case Western Reserve University
  • Bachelor of Science, Nursing, Villanova (BSN)
Professional Experience
  • Co-founder of Baby Sleep Science (2014)
  • Founder, IV Comfort Solutions
  • Former Isis Parenting sleep expert and educator

Languages Spoken
  • English
  • What can I help out with?

    • Establish a routine to promote healthy sleep behaviors
    • Understand normal sleep/awake windows and sleep behavior based on baby’s developmental stages
    • Learn to teach self-soothing techniques
    • Address sleep regressions and age transition-related disruptions
    • Understand how to identify (and what to do) about an overtired baby
    • Define daytime nap routine and impact on nighttime sleep

    Introduce yourself!
    I started my career as a floor nurse on a busy, post op/step down ICU unit in NYC. A move for my husband's work caused us to relocate to the Boston area for a few years where Dr. Erin Flynn-Evans and I connected and began our work together. We spent a few years designing a sleep support program for a busy parenting center, and in 2013 started Baby Sleep Science together. We have spent the last 7+ years growing our active blog, writing a book and e-book together, and of course working with thousands of families from all over the world. I currently live in CT with my husband of 15 years, our four daughters, and two rescue dogs.

    Why did you pursue this career?
    I have a deep understanding of the science of infant sleep and well over a decade of experience working with all kinds of families and babies from all over the world. Parents working with me will not just get a repackaged version of the latest sleep book on the market, but deeply personalized recommendations best suited for their particular baby and their particular situation. They can be assured our recommendations are age appropriate, realistic for their baby, and scientifically sound.

    What does a sleep consult with you typically entail?
    When my first child was born I was surprised (and dismayed) by how fussy she was and how little she slept. I was a highly educated and experienced nurse at that point, with a new baby I dearly wanted and had felt fully prepared for, and yet I was. . . floundering. I soon realized the 1-2 minutes of advice dispensed by our pediatrician just wasn't cutting it and that my friends and family - though well meaning - had little help to offer. I began a full immersion into the literature of all things babies, sleep, and science while still maintaining my practice as a nurse. My favorite part about my nursing job had always been the teaching; teaching patients how to change their dressings, how to take care of their surgical drains, or even how to stand up for the first time after surgery. I knew I could combine this love of teaching with the sleep science I was learning in a way that was more meaningful to parents.


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