Kiri Gurd

Kiri G.

Sleep Consultant, PhD, MSc

5 years of experience

Lives in Boston, MA


$150/ standard 50min consult
$225/ complex 75min consult
$85/ follow up, 30min


Virtual (Schedule varies)

Experience & Education

  • PhD, Sociology, Boston University
  • Masters, Development Economics and Gender, London School of Economics
  • Bachelor of Arts, Dalhousie Uni, PoliSci and Women’s Studies
Professional Experience
  • Educational consultant with Baby Sleep Science since 2015
  • Trained under Dr. Erin Flynn-Evans (Sleep Medicine, Harvard Med School)
  • Sociology lecturer, Emerson College

Languages Spoken
  • English
  • What can I help out with?

    • Establish a routine to promote healthy sleep behaviors
    • Understand normal sleep/awake windows and sleep behavior based on baby’s developmental stages
    • Learn to teach self-soothing techniques
    • Address sleep regressions and age transition-related disruptions
    • Understand how to identify (and what to do) about an overtired baby
    • Define daytime nap routine and impact on nighttime sleep

    Introduce yourself!
    I'm originally from Montreal, CA but have made Boston home to myself, my husband and our three young children for the past 16 years. Professionally, outside of consulting, I am a professor of Sociology at Emerson College and I love teaching and learning from my students and feel passionate about teaching them how to be kind, compassionate, and critically thinking adults. I am (was in my pre-kid life!) a dancer (contemporary, salsa). I spend as much time dancing (now in my living room) as I can! I like to boast that I loved yoga, before yoga was trendy; I've been practicing for 20 years and it is a core part of my daily life. I am also an avid fiction reader; in general, I feel I've learned some the most important lessons about humanity through good literature. Interestingly, all these interests and passions influence my consulting. I am committed to helping parents find ways that feel right to them to parent and care for their children and to feel heard and supported.

    Why did you pursue this career?
    As a qualitative researcher, my skill set is to be able to "hear" people's stories - the one they are telling and the one they are feeling. My consults start with really listening closely to what this family needs, wants, and values. This is important because the culture of family must be taken into account if we are to develop a sustainable plan that a parent can really believe in and commit to. The next step is discussing the developmental parameters around sleep so that parent's have a clear expectations as to what can be accomplished at their child's age. Then we develop the plan!

    What does a sleep consult with you typically entail?
    As a new mom, and social scientist, I was overwhelmed and frustrated by the amount information out there on baby sleep and the amount of conflicting information that added insecurity and confusion to an already difficult and vulnerable time period. In addition, the public conversation seemed to position parents in competing ideologies instead of encouraging them to find and build supportive networks. After much self-propelled research, I connected with Erin (founder, Baby Sleep Science) and began to learn the science so that I could connect with families and cut through some of this noise and misinformation.


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