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Juliet T.

Sleep Consultant, MS, LBA, BCBA

years of experience

Lives in Nashville, TN


$150/ standard 50min consult
$225/ complex 75min consult
$85/ follow up, 30min


Virtual (Schedule varies)

Experience & Education

  • Master of Science in Behavioral Analysis and Therapy, Southern Illinois Univ.
  • Bachelor of Science, Psychology, Western Michigan University
Professional Experience
  • Sleep consultant with Baby Sleep Science, Boston based consultancy rooted in an understanding of sleep medicine

Languages Spoken
  • English
  • What can I help out with?

    • Establish a routine to promote healthy sleep behaviors
    • Understand normal sleep/awake windows and sleep behavior based on baby’s developmental stages
    • Learn to teach self-soothing techniques
    • Address sleep regressions and age transition-related disruptions
    • Understand how to identify (and what to do) about an overtired baby
    • Define daytime nap routine and impact on nighttime sleep

    Introduce yourself!
    I am a licensed and board certified behavior analyst. I live in Tennessee with my husband and two young boys. I have conducted hundreds of sleep consults over the past 5 years with Baby Sleep Science. Prior to joining the BSS team, I supervised a team of behavior analysts to provide behavior interventions for children with a variety of issues. I have extensive experience working with children diagnosed with autism and related disorders, and with children and families in the foster care system. In addition to helping these children learn healthy sleep behaviors, my team worked to help them manage challenging behaviors, foster skill acquisition, and achieve academic goals.

    Why did you pursue this career?
    There’s a lot to consider when creating a personalized sleep plan for a family. Most books and blogs assume that every sleep problem can be solved with sleep training, but that's not always appropriate. A sleep consult with me will begin with a review of a family’s comprehensive intake form and listening to the family's concerns. It’s important for me to get to the root of the issue that’s creating the sleep problems. Once I identify the sources of the problems we can build a plan to resolve the issues. As the plan takes shape, I provide the family with a step-by-step approach, describe what to expect along the way, and give them milestones to check against their progress.

    What does a sleep consult with you typically entail?
    Behavior change is never easy. I was drawn to behavior analysis because it is all about teaching a child foundational skills that will lead to long-term positive behavior change. Changing a child's sleep experience is a bit more complicated because a child's underlying drive to sleep must be stabilized before a behavioral intervention will work. It is incredibly fulfilling to help a family work out this puzzle. I love my job because I get to provide a family who has experienced months or years of disrupted sleep with tools that can actually transform their lives for the better.


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