WellNested x Kayla Mehr Stroller Bootcamp Series

Are you ready to get outside your house, have some fun with your baby and meet other new parents in your neighborhood (for FREE?) - open to recent mom, dads and partners!

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Hi there! We are WellNested

We are a Boston based business, founded by Karina and Stephanie, with the goal to simplify access to expert care so that new parents can navigate parenthood with confidence and ease.

We connect families with same day/next day bookings with high quality lactation consultants who provide in-home and virtual care AND we handle all the insurance paperwork for you (because who wants to do that)!


Stroller Bootcamp

Why have we been hosting these classes? At WellNested we know that navigating new parenthood with confidence and ease means having the support network in place to lean on when you need it.

Sometimes that's 1:1 expert care at home, sometimes that's a tribe of strong women and parents going through the same experience as you, sometimes it's just a reason to get outdoors and move your body!

At our recent class in Southie!

Meet Kayla Mehr
founder of YourFitMom

Kayla, specializes in Prenatal and Postnatal Fitness Training. 1:1 sessions, group classes, online training. Educating, inspiring and motivating moms to workout safely and effectively throughout their pregnancy and postpartum phases of life.

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